Write for The Crime Report

The Crime Report welcomes writers who are able to translate the latest criminal justice research and trends into concrete information that will help our readers gain deeper understanding of how the system works.

Our contributors include journalists, practitioners, community leaders and academics. We’re always open to fresh, unexpected, controversial and/or informative story ideas.

Make sure to first search our site to see if we have previously covered the story you’re proposing to write.

What to include in your pitch:
  • What’s the scope and structure of the article?
  • What’s the broader context to your story?
  • Who are you planning to interview?
  • How is this story relevant to our readers?
  • A brief bio and any clips.

Our freelance rates begin at $250/article, and are negotiable depending on the scope and length.

Please email your two-paragraph proposal to Stephen Handelman, Editor-in-Chief at shandel@ix.netcom.com