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You’re Safer in a ‘Sanctuary City,’ says New Study

A California study rebuts arguments that urban counties which limit or refuse  cooperation with immigration authorities in reporting undocumented immigrants are breeding grounds for crime. In particular, white residents of sanctuary cities are 62 percent less likely to die from gun violence than their counterparts elsewhere, the study found.


Sacramento Will Try Program That Pays ‘Shooters’

The city signs on to controversial gun-violence reduction program called Advance Peace, which critics say pays violent criminals not to shoot guns. Participants can receive $9,000 stipends during an 18-month period for reaching goals such as successfully completing substance abuse treatment or completing education.

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NYC Study Finds Decline in Misdemeanor Arrests Following Changes in Policing Strategy

A survey tracking enforcement rates in New York City found a significant decline in misdemeanor arrests and summonses in what authors suggested was a result of significant changes in NYPD policing strategy, such as a reduction in the use of stop-and-frisk tactics by officers. According to the study, prepared by Prof. Preeti Chaudhan of John Jay College and five other authors, there were “approximately 800,000 fewer enforcement activities” between 2011 and 2014. The study by the Misdemeanor Justice Project at […]

Richard Rosenfeld

Crime Wave? What Crime Wave?

Recent press accounts have the nation's big cities in the throes of a “new crime wave.” Police chiefs and mayors have lobbied the federal government for assistance in combatting violent crime. In response, Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a “Summit on Violent Crime” in Washington on October 7th that brought together chiefs, mayors and federal officials to address the crime increase and discuss policy options. I attended that meeting and had the chance to ask FBI Director James Comey a […]