Round 2: Were Trump’s Prints on Skinnier FBI Report?

FiveThirtyEight noticed that the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report, the first released under the Trump administration, was missing 70 percent of the data tables that were included in past editions. The feds fired back, alleging a “false narrative” and claiming that plans to “streamline” the report date to 2010. FiveThirtyEight’s data sleuths are not convinced.


‘Grotesque’: DOJ Vets React to Prospect of Clinton Probe

Current and former Justice Department officials are alarmed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s public suggestion that he may appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. “To have the winning side exploring the possibility of prosecuting the losing side in an election — it’s un-American, and it’s grotesque,” said John Danforth, a former DOJ special counsel.

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Trump Packs Appeals Courts with Conservative Ideologues

The president has already appointed eight federal appellate court judges, the most this early in a presidency since Richard Nixon, and a ninth nominee is under consideration. The New York Times says the lifetime appointments are part of a careful plan to load the courts with young partisan conservatives who will serve for decades.


CA Sheriffs Opposed Sanctuary Law But Now Must Enforce It

On Jan. 1, California’s 58 county sheriffs will be on the front lines of implementing the state’s new immigrant sanctuary law, which is designed to limit the people that law enforcement agencies can detain, question or investigate at the request of federal immigration officials. Many of those sheriffs were opposed to enactment of the law, says the Los Angeles Times.

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