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Drugs, Gangs & Radical Islam in a Caribbean Paradise

U.S. policymakers have begun to focus on the security threats from Trinidad and Tobago, just off South America’s north coast. According to a new study, the island nation of 1.2 million is emerging as a narcotics shipping hub; and on a per capita basis, it has sent more foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria than anywhere else in the region.


As Deadline Looms, Congress Eyes Patriot Act Fixes

By Dec. 31, Congress must decide whether to overhaul a controversial surveillance program that collects Americans’ emails, phone calls and texts without a warrant. “This law is supposed to be a tool to fight terrorist threats overseas,” says Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. “Instead it’s being used as an end-run around the Constitution.”

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Flagged Twice, NY-NJ Bombing Suspect Passed US Scrutiny

Ahmad Rahami was stopped by customs officials in 2014 when he returned from a nearly yearlong trip to Pakistan. Customs notified the U.S. National Targeting Center, which assesses potential threats, and a report was passed to the FBI and other intelligence agencies. Even after a second warning from Rahami’s father, federal agents decided the man did not warrant a deeper inquiry.