A Life (Without Parole) Story

How much punishment does an offender deserve? The Crime Report’s David J. Krajicek takes a deep look at America’s ‘lifers’–­the neglected leftovers of mass incarceration.

‘Cruel Confinement’ in Alabama Prisons

Neglected diabetes and cancer treatments, outbreaks of staph infections and scabies, and a prisoner left lying on the floor for days after suffering a stroke. These are just a few of the alleged abuses found in a scathing investigation of the Alabama prison system, published by the non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center and the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program. Researchers conducted inspections of 15 prisons, interviewed more than 100 inmates and reviewed of thousands of pages of medical records and other documents, according to the report, which calls conditions in the prisons “cruel and unusual.” “Prisoners, including those with disabilities and serious physical and mental illnesses, are condemned to penitentiaries where systemic indifference, discrimination and dangerous – even life-threatening – conditions are the norm,” researchers wrote. In addition, the investigation found that Alabama prisons are “severely understaffed.”