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Getting Out of Solitary

A new report highlights the progress made in a number of states to reduce the use of isolation in prisons–even as the nation continues to remain an international “outlier” in the practice.

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How Routine Traffic Stop Led To Six Months In Solitary Confinement

The use of solitary confinement has reached a watershed moment in the U.S., reports the Washington Post. Most experts agree that the hardships placed on thousands of isolated prisoners, some of whom are mentally ill, push them to a dangerous place. President Obama, citing the “devastating, lasting psychological consequences” solitary confinement can inflict, announced a ban last week on isolating juveniles in federal prisons and reduced the maximum number of days federal inmates can be isolated for a first offense […]


How Journalist Ridgeway Tells The Stories Of Solitary Confinement

There may be no reporter in the U.S. who has collected more stories of solitary-confinement prisoners than James Ridgeway. “I wanted to use the prisoners themselves as reporters,” he tells the New Yorker. “Of course, that's taboo in the mainstream press, since we all know they're liars and double dealers and escape artists … my position was all we want to do here is, we want to know what is going on inside.” Each week, Ridgeway gets fifty letters from […]


Indiana Becomes Latest State To Adopt Solitary Confinement Reforms

Indiana this week became the latest state to curb the use in prisons of solitary confinement, which a Washington Post editorial calls “an extreme, hellish and overused punishment.” The newspaper calls Indiana’s move “another sign of progress in ending a national scandal: the routine overuse of a practice that is akin to torture.” It took a class-action lawsuit to prompt the decision, and even then it promises insufficient change, says the Post. The case against Indiana's Department of Correction centered […]