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Congress Passes Bill To Track Registered Child Sex Offender Travel

The U.S. House has passed a bill to expand efforts in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to track registered child sex offenders' travel plans as a means of combatting human trafficking, The Hill reports. The measure, passed by voice vote on Monday, would codify DHS’s “Operation Angel Watch” program that determines whether countries should be notified of sex offenders' travel. Under the legislation, sex offenders would be required to report to law enforcement when they plan to travel internationally. […]


Minnesota U.S. Attorney Leads New Fight Against Sex Trafficking

A 24-year prison sentence for a Minnesota man and a string of guilty pleas last week in other cases underscore a heightened emphasis on human trafficking by the U.S. Department of Justice and its chief local prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Minneapolis is one of six cities launching teams to streamline federal trafficking cases, while a Minnesota law has influenced federal legislation that aims to treat young women as victims of the sex trade instead […]


Lynch Claim On Sex Trafficker Arrests “Wildly Inflated”–Washington Post

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gives Attorney General Loretta Lynch four Pinocchios for giving “wildly inflated statistics” on sex trafficking cases at a conference this month in Rwanda. Lynch’s speech to the Interpol General Assembly included references to the FBI’s Operation Cross Country, a sting operation that the bureau said resulted in “the recovery of 149 sexually exploited children and the arrests of more than 150 pimps and other individuals.” A news release said the “enforcement action” took place in […]


In Florida, Sex Trafficking Center, Little Serious Action Against Offenders

Florida has the third highest number of sex trafficking cases in the U.S., says the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, but few offenders go to prison, reports the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting for the Miami Herald. For more than 15 years, a coalition of victim advocates, sociologists and prosecutors has waged a nationwide campaign to change the way the criminal justice system handles prostitution. Reformers have argued that prostitutes are victims, not criminals, and more effort should be made […]


States Change Sex Trafficking Laws; Do They Take The Right Tack?

In the past decade, states have dramatically changed laws targeting the sex trade to distinguish between voluntary prostitution and the trafficking of women and girls who are forced or coerced into selling sex, reports Stateline. Before the new laws, states primarily dealt with the sex trade by charging sex workers with prostitution. Many of those laws remain on the books, but states are supplementing them with “safe harbor” laws that protect minors and sometimes adults who can prove they were […]


150 Arrested, 149 Children Saved In FBI Underage Prostitution Sting

A nationwide FBI sting focusing on underage victims of prostitution resulted in the rescue of 149 sexually exploited children and the arrests of more than 150 pimps and others, reports CBS News. The ninth annual initiative known as “Operation Cross Country,” the largest to date, was carried out last week in 135 cities including Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Knoxville, Tn., Alexandria. Va., Jackson, Ms., Los Angeles, Portland, Sacramento and Seattle, along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Local […]


Ferguson A Year Later: Some Fixes But Policing May Be Little Changed

As Ferguson, Mo., prepares to mark a year since Michael Brown's death on Sunday, the mostly black community of 21,000 north of St. Louis remains a work in progress, reports the New York Times. It has rebuilt its battered commercial areas and diversified its once white-dominated government. Yet Ferguson remains divided between those who think its progress is real and those who believe that little beyond the superficial has changed. Law enforcement officials are bracing for a new wave of […]