Sex Abuse of Athletes: ‘Don’t Tell’ is No Longer an Option

Who’s responsible for reporting sexual abuse? A new federal law clears up the ambiguity that let sports bodies sidestep their obligations to protect young athletes from harm—a law that comes too late to protect the victims of gymnastics sports doctor Larry Nassar, writes a Florida sex crimes investigator.


Cops Weigh Chance of Conviction Before Arresting Rape Suspects: Study

Less than half the rape suspects reported to police end in an arrest, two researchers found in a study of cases investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department and the LA County Sheriff’s Department during 2008. Detectives told the researchers they made arrest decisions based on perceptions about whether the suspect could be successfully prosecuted.

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‘Sexual Justice Ambassadors’ Focus on College-Age Youth

A New York pilot program launched by students at John Jay College aims to help college-bound high schoolers and first-year college students deal with the forms of sexual aggression they might encounter on and off campus. The program is an outgrowth of a college course called “Seeing Rape”—the first of its kind in the U.S.

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Another Media Circus In PA As Cosby Seeks To Dismiss Sexual Assault Case

Amid an unprecedented media throng, Bill Cosby is due in a Pennsylvania courtroom today for a hearing that could determine the fate of the decade-in-the-making sexual assault case against him, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Through his lawyers, the 78-year-old comedian has asked Judge Steven O’Neill to throw out the charges, arguing he received a legally binding promise 10 years ago that he would never be prosecuted for an alleged 2004 assault on former Temple University basketball manager Andrea Constand. Prosecutors […]


13 AZ Employees Charged In Prison Sex Cases, No Jail Terms

Thirteen people who supervised state prisoners have been charged during the past four-and-a-half years with felonies for having sex or sexual contact with an inmate or parolee. Prosecutors in every case agreed to plea deals that reduced those charges, allowing probation and no prison time for the defendants, reports the Arizona Republic. Most of the defendants were state correctional officers. Records show that all the employees were charged in Maricopa or Pinal counties, where prosecutorial agencies have tough-on-crime reputations. Prosecutors […]