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Asylum Depends on a Spin of Judicial Wheel of Fortune

For Central Americans at the U.S. border, gaining asylum often depends largely on the judge. Two judges in Los Angeles granted fewer than three percent of the hundreds of asylum claims that came before them in the past five years, while another judge granted 71 percent of them. In San Francisco, the judge’s rate of granting asylum ranged from three percent to 91 percent.


‘Grotesque’: DOJ Vets React to Prospect of Clinton Probe

Current and former Justice Department officials are alarmed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s public suggestion that he may appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. “To have the winning side exploring the possibility of prosecuting the losing side in an election — it’s un-American, and it’s grotesque,” said John Danforth, a former DOJ special counsel.

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Sessions Escalates Threats Against Sanctuary Cities

The attorney general says coveted federal grants will be withheld from cities unless they give federal immigration authorities access to jails and provide advance notice when someone in the country illegally is about to be released. Among the grants at stake: a popular program that provides police money to buy bulletproof vests and body cameras.