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Trump Seeks Shutdown of New School Safety Studies

Two days before the Parkland, Fl., school shooting, the Office of Management and Budget asked Congress to shut down a $50 million federal program funding research on school safety. Criminologists warn ending the program would “detract from efforts to reduce/avoid future school shootings and violence.”

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‘We Are Change’: US Students Plan Gun Control Protests

On March 14, one month after the Florida shooting, students and teachers across the US have been asked to walk out of schools for 17 minutes, to honor the 17 lives lost in Florida. More than 22,000 people have signed a petition, pledging to walkout of their classrooms that day at 10 a.m. Organizers called for a “movement that lets the government know the time for change is now.” 


Will U.S. School Safety Research Get The Axe?

Tucked away in Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget last week was a note that the White House was calling for a $54.8 million cut in school safety research. There was no explanation for the cut. When The Crime Report asked DOJ for an explanation, it said it was awaiting results of the earlier research.


We Need a National Plan to Stop Active Shooters

Once again, the world has witnessed a mass shooting. Predictably, people across the nation feel the need to do something when such things happen. Soon after the tragedy in San Bernardino, armchair experts were having policy debates on gun control, immigration and mental health, even before all the facts of the incident were fully known. But these debates divert our attention from immediate strategies that can and should be enacted now. As a police officer with 35 years of experience, […]


Do School Resource Officers Arrest Too Many Minority Students?

The violent arrest of a South Carolina high school student in class last month has brought new scrutiny to school resource officers, whose numbers have increased alongside concerns about school safety and mass shootings, reports the Washington Post. There are more than 43,000 school resource officers and other sworn police officers, and another 39,000 security guards working in the nation's 84,000 public schools, says the National Center for Education Statistics. They have been hired, often with federal dollars, in a […]