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Women Shortchanged by Justice Reforms: Report

Criminal justice reform has not helped women to the same extent that it has benefited men, says a study from the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College. Drawing from women’s experience at Rikers Island, the report argues that reform should be trauma-informed and gender-responsive to account for women’s unique needs.


The ‘Misery of Solitary Confinement’

New York City will no longer send youths 21 and under to solitary confinement. A former prison health care provider says it’s time to apply such an approach nationwide–and for professional associations of social workers and psychologists to put their clout behind efforts to toss this “inhumane” practice into the dustbins of history.

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A Jail Where 'Prisoners Don't Matter'

Most of us are familiar with the saying, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” A similar sentiment attaches to Rikers Island in New York—the nation's largest jail. The officers there have for long believed that what happens on Rikers stays on Rikers. Recent press reports about abuses of prisoners, the U. S. Attorney's investigation and reports from New York City's Department of Investigation, as well as public hearings have focused attention on the underlying problem in the […]

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Criminal Justice in 2014: The Stories That Really Counted

What were the most significant criminal justice stories and trends of 2014? Which person had the most significant impact? In a year overshadowed by the unfolding tragedy of Ferguson, the country came face to face with long-festering issues that challenged some of our principal institutions of justice—police, prisons, courts—as well as our core principles of fairness and equity. For The Crime Report's fourth annual year-end feature, TCR staff, columnists and contributors have come up with a preliminary list of the […]