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Can Prosecutors Help Break the Cycle of Recidivism?

Justice systems around the country are beginning to address the reasons why some troubled individuals are perpetually in and out of court, but their success will be limited unless prosecutors use their powerful role to advocate for change, says a new paper by the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.

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‘Never Give Up:’ A Returning Citizen Finds Hope After Prison

Obtaining a steady job has been a struggle for former Syracuse, N.Y. parolee Shallah “Brooklyn” Beal, who was released in 2016 after serving three years for assault. But he discovered that the first, and hardest challenge, is to break down the emotional walls he built in prison—and learn to trust in himself.

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Johnson v United States: Three Years Later

The Supreme Court struck down a part of the Armed Career Criminal Act that permitted sentencing enhancements for repeat violent offenders in 2015. But the debate over its impact on public safety and recidivism continues, pitting Attorney General Jeff Sessions against proponents of sentencing reform.

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