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Crime Data Analysis Links College Football Games With Higher Rape Totals

College football games and the partying that comes with them could be connected to hundreds of rapes of college-age women every year, says an analysis from a national think tank reported by The Tennessean. The National Bureau of Economic Research “working paper” used federal crime data to track the number of rapes reported in and around colleges during and after high-profile football games. A researcher said the data support a link between young people, sexual assault and heavy drinking. Top-tier […]


Now That “Jackie” Is Discredited, Why Shouldn’t She Be Named?

In the 14 months since her story shocked the world in Rolling Stone magazine, a woman called “Jackie” has been at the heart of a national debate about sexual assaults on college campuses, has become embroiled in a media scandal, and is the central figure in a series of defamation lawsuits. There's one important fact missing about Jackie, the young woman who concocted a harrowing story about a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity: her full name. The […]


Miami Using $2M From NY Prosecutor To Test Thousands Of Rape Kits

In evidence rooms from Miami Beach to Hialeah, old swabs of saliva and smudges of semen collected from thousands of rape victims are slowly being pulled off the shelf and sent to labs to be harvested for DNA that may hold the key to solving crimes around the U.S., reports the Miami Herald. Whether for lack of a victim willing to testify, or because police already made an arrest, unprocessed rape kits have accumulated in Miami-Dade to a number that […]