California Ponders Raise the Age Bill

A hearing on state Senate Bill 1391, which would prevent youths under 16 from being sent to adult courts, is scheduled Thursday. Supporters say it will reduce recidivism rates and better rehabilitate and prepare youth for successful, productive reentry into society.

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Raising Age to 23: It Works for the Dutch

The results of 2014 legislation in The Netherlands are still inconclusive, but two Americans examining juvenile justice programs in Europe say early data suggest that the presence of older youth in juvenile court may promote more leniency for 16- and 17-year-olds.

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Raise the Age, But By How Much?

Long-overdue juvenile justice reforms have increased the age at which juveniles can be charged as adults to 17 or 18. But a few states want to increase it to as high as 21– an initiative that one justice researcher argues could be counterproductive.

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Dying Young in Prison

The tragic suicide of Ben Van Zandt, a youth tried as an adult, adds pressure on NY legislators to raise the age of criminal responsibility. New York is one of the few remaining states which still treat offenders as young as 17 as adults.

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The Unfinished Business of Juvenile Justice

Most states, with some notable exceptions, have raised the age at which youths are exposed to the adult justice system. But the harder task of improving services for troubled young people is still ahead, warns a Justice Policy Institute expert.

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'Stop Jailing 16-year-olds,' NY Policymakers Are Told

Hernan Carvente was 15 years and 363 days old when he was charged with attempted murder. If he had been charged two days later, on his 16th birthday, he says the trajectory of his life may have dramatically changed. The Queens, NY-resident would have automatically been tried and sentenced as an adult. Having just missed the cut, Carvente was sentenced to between two and six years in a secure juvenile facility that offered college-level classes. Five years later, he's a […]