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Missouri Prof Gets Deferred Prosecution In Journalist Assault Case

The prosecutor in Columbia, Mo., has deferred the prosecution of a University of Missouri professor charged with assault for an altercation with journalists during protests on campus in November, reports the Columbia. Mo., Daily Tribune. Melissa Click, 45, an assistant professor of communication, agreed to a deal in which city Prosecutor Steve Richey will forgo prosecution for misdemeanor assault as long as she completes 20 hours of community service and does not break the law for one year. “This disposition […]


CT Police Fired Stun Guns More At Minorities Than At Whites

Connecticut police officers last year fired stun guns at blacks and Hispanics at a higher rate than at white suspects, and warned but didn’t fire at white suspects at a higher rate than they did blacks or Hispanics, according to preliminary data from the first state to require police to document their use of stun guns. The new data come as police across the U.S. face increasing scrutiny over their use of force, after high-profile fatal shootings by officers, especially […]


Racial Disparity In Philadelphia Police Screening Tied To One Psych Test

When Gerald Cooke heard that African Americans were less likely than whites to pass a psychological evaluation to become Philadelphia police officers, it sounded familiar. He tried to fix the same problem two decades ago, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. From 2011 to 2014, 72.5 percent of black police applicants passed the department’s psych evaluation, compared with 81.2 percent of white candidates. In the early 1990s, the disparity was even greater, said Cooke, a forensic psychologist. Then, the passing rate for […]


Were Clinton, Sanders Correct In Debate On Gun, Prison Issues?

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discussed gun control and prison issues last night in the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses. The Associated Press did a fact check on some of their statements. Sanders boasted of a D-minus voting record from the National Rifle Association, and said he has “supported from Day 1 an instant background check” as well as a ban on assault-type weapons. Clinton said Sanders voted against the Brady bill on background checks […]


‘Black In Blue’: African-American Cops Face Their Own Discrimination Issues

Vanessa Westley, a 25-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, is a single, black mother with an 18-year-old son. With the police shootings of young, black men like Laquan McDonald in Chicago and elsewhere, she worries about her son's day-to-day activities. “Do I have to walk the same course as any other mother who has a black son? Yes, I do,” Westley tells the Christian Science Monitor. “And it's a little harder for me because I go to work in […]


Dealing With ‘Other People’s Children’

Ashley Nellis, author of “A Return to Justice: Rethinking Our Approach to Juveniles in the System,” speaks with TCR Contributing Editor David J. Krajicek about the “fear-driven” policies that extended America’s lock-’em-up fervor to include vast numbers of juveniles who were disproportionately black.


Cleveland Demonstrators Hope To Shut Down City Over Tamir Rice Case

Protesters again took to the streets of downtown Cleveland yesterday to protest a grand jury’s decision not to indict two Cleveland police officers in connection with the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Demonstrators called for the resignation of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, as well as the resignations of Timothy Loehmann — the officer who fatally shot Tamir within seconds of arriving at a recreation center on Nov. 22, 2014 — and Loehmann’s partner, […]


1/3 Of People Killed By Police After A Traffic Stop This Year Were Black

More than 100 people were shot and killed by police after a traffic stop this year, and 1 in 3 of them was black, making the roadside interaction one of the most common precursors to a fatal police shooting of a black person in 2015, the Washington Post reports. The shootings of blacks, whites and Hispanics were about equally likely to result from a traffic stop. Across all races, getting pulled over was the precursor to about 11 percent of […]


Black Lives Matter Disrupts Minneapolis Airport, Mall In Shooting Protest

Minneapolis’ Mall of America was used as “a decoy” to start a protest that quickly moved to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and blocked a terminal on a busy holiday travel day, an organizer told the Associated Press. Access to one of two terminals was closed after more than 100 protesters gathered inside and blocked roads leading to the airport yesterday, airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said. He said the protest caused some flight delays but no cancellations. Protesters hoping to draw […]