Ban the Box for Colleges, Too

Finding a job — especially one that pays well —is key to keeping those with a criminal history from being rearrested. Removing criminal history questions on college applications will lead to better outcomes not only for people with records, but for society as a whole, argues an R Street researcher.

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college grads

Ending Crime Checkbox for College Praised by Inmate Advocates

For the first time since 2006, students using the Common Application to apply to college will not need to check a box asking if they have criminal histories. The decision was welcomed as a positive step by advocates of the Ban the Box movement to eliminate barriers to prisoner re-entry.

Steven Cave

A Returning Prisoner’s Story: ‘Hate Consumed Me’

Steven Cave emerged from 23 years in prison following a life of abuse, homelessness and gang violence to start a path towards normalcy.  He credits the intervention of a couple who began visiting him behind bars—as part of a trauma-counseling program that might work for other inmates as well.