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Prisons Are Packed With 200,000 Dead-End Lifers: Study

A new analysis by The Sentencing Project finds a record number of lifers in U.S. prisons. The author, who has been tracking sentencing trends for a decade, tells TCR’s David J. Krajicek, “As a society, we cannot challenge mass incarceration without including reforms to sentences on the deep end of the punishment spectrum.”

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Life After Prison: Giving Back

In Part 5 of our series following the journey of a formerly incarcerated man back to ‘civilian’ life, Lorenzo Brooks begins to find his footing—and a path to a career.

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Growing Prison Population Could Cost Alaska $169 Million in Next Decade

Pretrial supervision, revised drug penalties and alternatives to prison for low-level offenders are among the reforms needed to reduce Alaska’s growing prison population and high recidivism rate, according to the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission. The state's prison population has grown by 27 percent in the last decade and its corrections system cost $327 million in fiscal year 2014, said the report, released last month. According to projections, Alaska will need to house an additional 1,416 inmates by 2024, which is […]


The Beat Within: ‘To Me, They Were My Real Family’

This essay was originally published by The Beat Within, a justice system writing workshop. It was the year 1969. I was born in December to a single mother. From what I was told, I was a handsome young fella, and even at a very young age I was told, “Boy, you look just like your daddy”. Speaking of which, I only saw my dad on the weekends, or at family functions on my dad's side of the family, if my […]