A ‘Common-Sense’ Correction to California’s Prop 47?

A recent California Supreme Court ruling turned down an appeal by inmates who claimed the state’s reforms to the three-strike laws under Proposition 47 entitled them to reduced sentences. The president of the LA Deputy DA’s association argues that was a needed corrective to a prisoner realignment strategy that was oversold to the public.

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California Prison Realignment: The Jury is Still Out

Over the last 30 years, California has created an oversized, overcrowded prison system entailing billions of dollars in taxpayer expense, endless safety and health crises, a dismal record of rehabilitation, and increasingly proscriptive court orders to regulate almost all aspects of prison operations. One major reason for this crisis is that a number of counties were over-relying on the state system by sending thousands of lower-level property and drug offenders to prison. California’s legislature and governor had no choice but […]