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Suit Charges Arkansas City Criminalizes Poverty

Equal Justice Under Law, a D.C.-based civil rights organization, charges that the city of Newark’s 2015 exclusion ordinance forbidding mobile homes worth less than $25,000 (single-wide) or $35,000 (double-wide) from existing within the city limits effectively criminalizes those who cannot afford more expensive homes.


Homeless ‘Need Protection’ from Crime: Advocates

Concerns about security at New York City hotels used to shelter homeless families are rising after a report documents criminal activity at more than half the hotels last year. The city now houses more than 30 percent of the nation’s homeless families.

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The 'Cradle to Prison' Pipeline

June Griffin does a lot of hoping and praying. Most of the time, she's hoping her phone doesn't ring. Too often, the caller will be from one of the two middle schools her grandsons attend. The calls usually mean she has to get one or the other from school — or the Cumberland County Detention Center. When she's praying, it's for the future of the boys: 16-year-old Ja'Mese Herring, and his younger brother, 15-year-old Jai'Ree. On a Monday in April, […]


Incarceration: An Invisible Tax On The Poor?

Adding a heavy financial burden to people living in poverty, the states and the federal government exact large sums from the families and friends of incarcerated individuals through fees on prison services, such as money transfers and telephone calls, according to an article in the journal Perspectives on Politics, published by the American Political Science Association. In “Taxing the Poor: Incarceration, Poverty Governance, and the Seizure of Family Resources,” authors Mary Fainsod Katzenstein and Maureen R. Waller argue that the […]


Fighting Crime by Taking on ‘Endemic’ Poverty

Police should advocate for policies that address persistent causes of poverty, argue David Bayley, Michael Davis and Ron Davis, in the latest paper from the Harvard Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety. By urging policymakers to address endemic conditions of disadvantage, police can target the root causes of crime and animosity toward cops, Bayley, Davis and Davis write in their paper, the product of a series of conferences that during the last six years targeted major law enforcement policy […]