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GOP Backs Mandatory Terms, Inmate Rehab; Blasts Overcriminalization

The Republican Party platform adopted this week at the party’s convention in Tampa backs mandatory prison terms for gang crimes, violent or sexual offenses against children, repeat drug dealers, rapists, robbers, and murderers, declaring that, “liberals do not understand this simple axiom: criminals behind bars cannot harm the general public.” The GOP backs the death penalty in capital murder cases, supports a national registry for convicted child murderers, and opposes parole for dangerous or repeat felons. At the same time, […]


Police Unions Dominate Florida Commission That Disciplines Cops

Florida lawmakers created the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission in 1977 to police the police. But in 1999 Gov. Jeb Bush and state lawmakers began making appointments to the commission to repay police unions for their endorsements, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports in its series on bad cops. Bush put Ernie George, then the president of the Police Benevolent Association, on the 19-member panel that decides officer discipline. George is still there today, as chairman, in the one spot state […]