LA Noir: The Strange Case of the Sheriffs’ Missing Helicopter Engines

Misconduct at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has earned some of its top officers, including Sheriff Lee Baca, criminal convictions. Now, an investigation by WitnessLA into a fleet of Sea King helicopters loaned under a controversial Defense Department program raises questions of high-level fraud.


Police Chiefs to Trump: Cut Crime, Prisons

A national group led by police chiefs and prosecutors has called on President Donald Trump to adopt policies the organization says can reduce both crime and incarceration and also save taxpayer dollars.

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Law Enforcement Experiments With Predictive Policing; Does It Work?

Down the road from Ferguson, Mo., in the St. Louis suburb of Jennings, police precinct commander Jeff Fuesting had expressed interest in predictive policing, so when the department brought in HunchLab, it asked his precinct to roll it out first, reports The Marshall Project. They believed data could help their officers police better and more objectively. By identifying and aggressively patrolling “hot spots,” as determined by the software, the police wanted to deter crime before it ever happened. HunchLab, produced […]


Cleveland Police Monitor Lays Out “Aggressive” Reform Plan

The monitor tracking Cleveland’s progress under a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department laid out an ambitious plan for 2016, one that requires the city to implement major changes and conduct training, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The first-year plan was filed in federal court yesterday by monitor Matthew Barge. It outlines dozens of deadlines that the city, the monitor and other groups must meet to implement a settlement designed to transform the way the city polices its residents. Barge […]

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Chicago Officers Blame “ACLU Effect” For Making Many Fewer Street Stops

Authorities last year suggested Chicago's spike in gun violence last year was due to the “Ferguson effect” — cops afraid to do their jobs because of the scrutiny after the shooting of a black teenager by a white officer in 2014 in Ferguson, Mo., With Chicago now plagued with an even steeper rise in fatal shootings in January, street cops are offering a new reason: the “ACLU effect,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times. They say the Chicago Police Department's pact with […]