Big Brother: Police Use Growing Arsenal of Spy Gadgets

The rapid emergence of body cameras, cellphone hacking devices, license plate scanners, facial-recognition software and more gives authorities access to broad data on individuals who often have no clue how the information about them is gathered, stored and shared. Legislators are having trouble keeping up with the new technologies.

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KY Joins States Protecting Police Under Hate-Crime Laws

Kentucky’s “Blue Lives Matter” law makes it a hate crime to target police officers, a legislative trend sweeping a number of states. At the same time, lawmakers in New York, Connecticut and Illinois are responding to surging reports of hate crimes against racial, religious and ethnic minorities by trying to strengthen laws and policies that target criminal bias.


The ‘Deflection’ Surge: Key to Reducing Re-Arrests

Confronted with people clearly in need of treatment and social services, law enforcement officers need a way to respond, because they know they’ll see them again. A new approach gaining traction across the country offers “a public health approach to better public safety.”

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