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Homicide and the Compassionate Cop

Responding to a shooting is a high-tension event for police. But it can also be a moment for building community trust—if survivors, eyewitnesses and family members of victims are treated with more empathy and respect, according to the Urban Institute.


Black and White in Alabama: The Scarred Legacy of a 1975 Police Shooting

The death of Bernard Whitehurst Jr. at the hands of a white Montgomery policeman 43 years ago raised unsettling questions of police bias and official coverup, foreshadowing the #Black LivesMatter movement. A new book re-examines the case, prodded by a son’s quest for restitution and justice.

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Officer-Involved Shootings: Who’s Really to Blame?

The public and the media often demand swift punishment for cops identified in deadly use-of-force incidents. But a new research paper suggests that the best way of preventing future incidents is to look for the “root causes” of misbehavior in a police agency’s procedures and culture.

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