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Cracking the Stonewall on a Nun’s Murder: A Reporter’s Story

The Emmy-nominated Netflix true crime documentary, “The Keepers,” helped break open a 47-year-old story of sexual abuse and murder at a Baltimore Catholic school. But it took stubborn shoe-leather investigative reporting to penetrate official indifference and the refusal to pursue evidence of police misconduct.

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Comey's Bid to Silence Cop Critics Is Disgraceful–and Wrong

FBI Director James Comey disgraced himself last week when he claimed that criticisms of the police over the past year have contributed to the rise in violent crime. He added, in his October 23 speech at the University of Chicago, that he had no evidence to support this statement. Of course he doesn't have any. There is no evidence. Comey's claim sends absolutely the wrong message to the country. Without saying so directly, the message is: If you criticize the […]