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Why Can’t We Rein in Police Misconduct? Blame Prohibition

America’s crusade against alcohol ended over seven decades ago with the 21st Amendment. But Supreme Court decisions aimed at curbing police misbehavior during Prohibition—by excluding evidence obtained unlawfully—have complicated efforts to hold law enforcement accountable for its actions today, according to a new book by a Pennsylvania law professor.

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‘Liberal’ Police Less Effective Under Criticism, Study Finds

A University of Texas psychologist surveyed 164 officers about how they view the criminal justice system and how well the public understands the challenges of their job. She found that conservative officers did not suffer performance issues when they were criticized.

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Unions a Key Barrier to Police Accountability: Study

A forthcoming paper in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review found that the “significant authority” granted police unions to determine the arbitrators in appeal procedures has left police managers, public officials, and civilian oversight committees with little more than symbolic power to discipline officers for misconduct.