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2016 Top National Crime Reporting Awards

Beth Schwartzapfel of The Marshall Project, and an investigative reporting team from the Belleville News-Democrat—Beth Hundsdorfer, George Pawlaczyk and Zia Nizami—are the winners of the John Jay College/Harry Frank Guggenheim 2016 Awards for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting. “The impressive work of these journalists illustrates why reform of our criminal justice system has risen to the top of our national agenda,” said Jeremy Travis, president of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in the prize announcement this week. “We […]


Proportion Of Adults Under Corrections Control Fell 13% From 2007 To 2014

The proportion of adults in the U.S. under correctional control, either incarcerated or on probation or parole, declined 13 percent between 2007, when it reached its peak, and 2014, says a Pew Charitable Trusts analysis of data from the U.S. federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. About 6.8 million adults, or 1 in 36, were under federal, state, or local correctional control at the end of 2014, down from about 7.3 million, or 1 in 31, seven years earlier. The adult […]


WA Group Talks About Bringing Back Parole To Reduce Prison Population

A fledgling Washington state movement is trying to get the public to bring back parole in the state as a way to reduce the prison population, reports the Seattle Times. Activists, lawyers, judges and at least one prosecutor, King County's Dan Satterberg in Seattle, have been discussing the possibility of put some system in place to deal with what state legislator Roger Goodman calls “unbearably, incomprehensibly long prison sentences.” The conversations have included proposals for the 2016 legislative session or […]


“Coming Home:” Recidivism Rates Lower for Harlem Reentry Court Parolees

Ex-offenders assigned to the Harlem Parole Reentry Court upon their release from prison had lower recidivism rates than peers who were assigned to traditional parole, according to a study published by the Center for Court Innovation. In “Coming Home to Harlem: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Harlem Parole Reentry Court,” authors Lama Hassoun Ayoub and Tia Pooler measured the court's impact on parolees' employment, school enrollment, interpersonal relationships and criminal activity within 18 months of release, among other outcomes. […]


How ‘EPICS’ Is Changing Probation and Parole Practices Around U.S.

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati developed EPICS, short for Effective Practices in Community Supervision, a new model for structured face-to-face meetings between probation officers and their clients. EPICS has become the go-to model for parole and probation in much of the U.S., writes Governing Magazine. Since 2006, more than 80 state and county criminal justice departments have adopted EPICS. By focusing on behavioral change, rather than just threats of being thrown back in jail, EPICS and similar efforts may […]