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One Opioid Crisis Or Many?

A major thread in public policy discussions is an asserted need to “solve” the opioid crisis by limiting production of opioid analgesics and reducing medical exposure to potentially addicting drugs. But are such steps actually a remedy?  A pain specialist argues they aren’t.


Should Opioid Addicts Be Forced to Undergo Medical Treatment?

According to a forthcoming study in the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, there’s little evidence that opioid addicts benefit from involuntary commitment, and the “legal and ethical” concerns raised by such strategies should make policymakers think twice about employing them.


Trump Opioid Plan Includes a Windfall for Vivitrol

The White House’s national strategy to combat the opioid crisis, unveiled last week, would expand a particular kind of addiction treatment in federal criminal justice settings: a single drug, manufactured by a single company, with mixed views on the evidence regarding its use. The drug is Vivitrol, manufactured by Alkermes, a Massachusetts pharmaceutical company.

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With Opioid Crisis, US Stands Apart From the World

Opioid overdoses are causing a decline in life expectancy here while it is rising in other developed countries. Opioids are prescribed in the U.S. at much higher rates than in Canada and European countries such as Germany, Britain, and France. Our flawed health insurance structure gets the blame.