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Legal Profession ‘Critical’ to Addressing Opioid Crisis: ABA

A new report by the American Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Division makes nine recommendations and suggests 45 “action items” that it says can advance public health efforts to confront the opioid epidemic. One recommendation calls for promoting policies and laws that support families and caregivers struggling with opioid and substance misuse disorders.


The ‘Phony War’ Against Opioids: Some Inconvenient Truths

The opioid crisis has very little to do with prescription drugs, says a leading researcher.   Patients treated for chronic pain with opioids–many of them elderly—are not dying from overdoses, and they shouldn’t be treated like addicts.


Policing the Addiction Treatment Industry

Most Americans seem willing to accept that opioid addiction should be treated as a disease rather than a criminal offense. But the wide variety and quality of treatment and rehab facilities in the US means we should now double down on efforts to investigate which ones really perform, says an addiction expert.


One in Five Young American Adults Felled by Opioids: Study

The chance of dying in the US due to an opioid overdose is higher today than that of dying in an accident, but the burden falls heaviest on young adults aged 15-34, according to a 15-year analysis of US mortality numbers through 2016 posted in JAMA Network Open, an online section of the Journal of the American Medical Association.