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White House Opioid Plan: Recycled ‘War on Drugs’?

The “National Drug Control Strategy” report issued by the White House last week contains familiar hardline rhetoric, even while it undercuts claims by President Trump that building a wall is crucial to blocking drug traffickers.


Do Perks for Doctors Fuel Opioid Deaths?

Drug companies’ multimillion-dollar-marketing campaigns have been held responsible for the substance-abuse associated with overprescribing of opiate painkillers. Now a new study links the promotions with higher levels of mortality, and calls for regulations curbing the use of perks like free meals.


Can We Help Opioid Abusers Without Jailing Them?

As the nation continue to suffer from the opioid epidemic, programs that can divert substance abusers away from the criminal justice system are critical. One increasingly popular approach called “deflection” partners police and public health workers.

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Are Pain Doctors Wrongly Taking the Blame for the Opioid Crisis?

A California doctor now serving a 25-year term for operating a “pill mill” says pain management specialists like himself are scapegoats for the government’s failure to address the opioid epidemic. Many experts and pain advocates contacted by The Crime Report suggest he has raised a valid point.  

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