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Will Giuliani, a Gun Foe as NYC Mayor, Face NRA Scrutiny?

As mayor of New York, Giuliani pressed for national gun registration, advocated bans on assault weapons and high-powered handguns, and gave birth to the strategy of suing gun manufacturers for negligence. If the Trump enthusiast is nominated for a cabinet post, would the NRA and Senate GOP apply the same unrelenting pro-gun litmus test they’ve applied to President Obama’s nominees?

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NRA Lobbyist Chris Cox Calls The Shots On Congressional Gun-Policy Votes

The day after last month’s massacre in San Bernardino, Ca., Senate Democrats rushed to pass a measure denying guns to anyone on the no-fly terrorism watch list. The timing of the vote and the nature of the bill gave them reason to hope that they could, for once, thwart the gun lobby. Chris Cox, the National Rifle Association’s brash and boyish-looking chief lobbyist, was ready for them, the New York Times reports. Cox and more than a dozen lobbyists working […]

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National Police Dilemma: How To Keep Guns From The Mentally Unstable

Before issuing thousands of permits each year to buy handguns, North Carolina county sheriffs go through an oft-futile exercise. Relying on a law allowing them to ensure gun owners are of “good moral character,” they submit applicants' names to large health care facilities seeking to learn whether anyone was suicidal or otherwise mentally unfit to own a pistol, McClatchy Newspapers reports. Under the 1968 U.S. Gun Control Act, the sheriffs are entitled to know whether an applicant is disqualified from […]


NRA Member Says He Has Invented New “Smart Gun” Solution

When President Obama called for advanced research on “smart” gun technologies last week, Omer Kiyani thought, “I've already done that,” the Washington Post reports. The Detroit-based engineer is convinced that he has developed a technological solution that will appease both sides of the contentious gun safety debate. Kiyani survived a shooting when he was 16. A gunman fired through the back window of the car Kiyani was in one night with friends and the bullet pierced through his left cheek. […]


NRA “Utterly Cowardly” By Refusing To Question Obama: Wemple

“It was cowardly, utterly cowardly that [the National Rifle Association] wouldn’t show up for” last Thursday’s CNN town hall meeting on guns with President Obama, Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple told CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The NRA complained that it would have been allowed only one pre-screened question, but Wemple notes that “people who oppose President Obama’s gun agenda were able to stand up there right in front of him and press their points with the president. What more could […]