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Why Silencers Aren’t Golden

The NRA is lobbying for a bill that would loosen access to gun silencers. But there’s more at stake here than meets the ear, argues TCR’s legal columnist.

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NRA Prepares Lobbying Blitz on National Handgun Reciprocity

As NRA members arrive in Atlanta for its annual convention, the gun-loving group is preparing a lobbying blitz on its top legislative priority: a federal law that would create national reciprocity for concealed-carry licenses, requiring every state to accept the permits of the other 49, regardless of differences in eligibility standards.

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Will Giuliani, a Gun Foe as NYC Mayor, Face NRA Scrutiny?

As mayor of New York, Giuliani pressed for national gun registration, advocated bans on assault weapons and high-powered handguns, and gave birth to the strategy of suing gun manufacturers for negligence. If the Trump enthusiast is nominated for a cabinet post, would the NRA and Senate GOP apply the same unrelenting pro-gun litmus test they’ve applied to President Obama’s nominees?