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Will Fear of Crime Dampen Support for Ending Mass Incarceration?

America’s high incarceration rates have emerged as a hot political issue, but the supposed shift in public attitudes towards punishment may be “overstated,” warns a University of Illinois law professor. Andrew Leipold argues we should lower our expectations about what’s possible to achieve in the short term, while applying pressure on prosecutors to recognize their role in driving high prison numbers.

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34 States Have Cut Prisoner Numbers and Crime Over Decade

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University contends that the data show “clearly that reducing mass incarceration does not come at the cost of public safety.” The total number of state prisoners dropped 6 percent over the same decade, 2007 to 2017.

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Matthew Charles

The First Step Act:  It’s Only a ‘First Step’

Congress shouldn’t rest on its laurels following the landmark sentencing overhaul bill signed into law in December, writes one of the original advocates of the legislation. He argues the changes should be part of a major ongoing effort to reform the U.S. justice system.