Do We Need Roadside Marijuana Tests?

As the number of states allowing recreational or medical use of marijuana grows, law enforcement is gearing up for the challenge of detecting drivers who may be a danger to themselves or others. But it’s impossible to set an accepted standard for measuring impairment, argues a TCR columnist.


Why the Marijuana Wars Now Include Hemp

If Colorado voters approve a technical change in the definition of “industrial hemp” today, they may set in motion a nationwide effort to regulate a substance that has long occupied a quasi-legal gray area in America’s drug wars.

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Legal Pot: Good for Public Safety, But Not for Mental Health?

Two new studies of the impact of state legalization of marijuana offer a mixed verdict. One uncovered an association between legal pot and increased crime clearance, while the other detected a correlation between legalization and the frequency of serious mental illnesses.

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Pot Opponents, Legalization and Democracy

On June 19, marijuana officially became legal in Canada─adding momentum to a pro-pot campaign that now seems assured of success across the US. But last-ditch blocking efforts in states still wrestling with the issue only divert politicians from the need to develop regulations addressing safety and health concerns, writes an addiction expert.