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probation reform

Meek Mill Launches $50 Million Crusade for Justice

The hip-hop superstar may be the most famous American caught in a byzantine system of probation and parole that can send former incarcerees back to prison for “technical offenses.” With support from wealthy friends in the sports, finance and entertainment worlds, he’s now spearheading a movement to develop alternatives.

public defenders

Can Public Defenders be Reformers?

Defense attorneys spend more time with criminal defendants than anyone else in the justice system. So if they care about better outcomes, they need to go beyond their traditional roles, says the head of the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office.


Why Justice Innovators Resemble Jazz Musicians

Cops, EMT workers and court officials are no longer waiting to be told how to fix system flaws. In cities across the country, pioneering efforts at collaboration across once-solid silos resemble the skillful improvisations of a jazz score, writes a Boston defense attorney.

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Christine Blasey Ford

Ten Women Who Changed Criminal Justice in 2018

The Crime Report is proud to spotlight ten individuals whose work not only symbolizes the emerging roles of women as justice change-makers, but also reflects the issues that dominated the justice agenda during 2018. Our picks include Christine Blasey Ford whose testimony at the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings riveted the nation.


Don’t Make the First Step Act the Only Step in Justice Reform

Following Senate passage of the federal prison reform bill, legislators and advocates need to begin focusing on the real challenges of fixing our broken justice system. That includes addressing the criminogenic disorders and behaviors which drive crime and recidivism, writes Texas scholar William Kelly.