Rosenstein: DOJ Goal ‘Not to Fill Prisons’

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein didn’t stray much from the Trump administration’s tough-on-crime rhetoric, but he described as “worthy” efforts to fight crime with “solutions … apart from prosecution and incarceration.”

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Federal Sentencing Reform Alive, Senators Insist

Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Mike Lee (R-UT) tell a conference sponsored by the conservative Charles Koch Institute that they are campaigning hard to pass an overhaul of federal sentencing laws. The Charles Koch Foundation released a four-volume report on “Reforming Criminal Justice” that is aimed at being accessible to policymakers and to the public.

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Law Enforcement ‘Summit’ Challenges Trump on Justice Policies

A bipartisan coalition of police leaders, prosecutors and former justice officials called for ‘modern strategies’ and ‘innovative solutions,’ in a letter to President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, released ahead of Wednesday’s summit in Wash. DC. The Justice Department responded that “Americans voted for President Trump’s brand of law and order.”

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