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Imprisoned U.S. Jihadists Called a ‘Ticking Time Bomb” by ISIS Expert

Unless U.S. corrections authorities develop specialized reeducation programs, Americans imprisoned for terrorist-related offenses will threaten U.S. domestic security when they are released, a journalist who wrote a book on ISIS warned Monday. Joby Warrick said Europeans have a better approach.

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Drugs, Gangs & Radical Islam in a Caribbean Paradise

U.S. policymakers have begun to focus on the security threats from Trinidad and Tobago, just off South America’s north coast. According to a new study, the island nation of 1.2 million is emerging as a narcotics shipping hub; and on a per capita basis, it has sent more foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria than anywhere else in the region.

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The Islamic State's Crime Connection

Islamic State now ranks at the forefront of terror groups around the world which fund their operations from criminal activities, one of the country's top organized crime experts said last week. “They're making money from illegal activities ranging from cigarette smuggling and oil theft to stolen antiquities,” Louise Shelly of George Mason University told a panel on the “Crime-Terror Nexus” at the American Society of Criminology annual convention in Washington DC. Although other violent groups such as the Taliban and […]