Jessica Lenahan

Keeping Victims Safe: Police Accountability and Domestic Violence

Since Colorado domestic violence victim Jessica Lenahan won her human rights case in 2011, police in many states still have a long way to go in enforcing federal laws requiring them to respond proactively to victims’ needs, speakers at a screening of the 2017 documentary Home Truth about the Lenahan case said this month.

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How to Do Field Research with Victims

Randomized control trials may be the gold standard for research, but field studies that include victims and police officers are delicate and “there are practical and ethical considerations that may exclude their use,” researchers write in this month’s edition of the the National Institute of Justice Journal. The authors, Jill Theresa Messing, Jacquelyn Campbell and Janet Sullivan Wilson, discuss their study published in March 2014 of the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP), an intervention that occurs at the scene of a […]

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Study: Violent Crime Stays With Victims

More than two-thirds of serious crime victims experience socio-emotional problems after victimization, according to a new study by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. Researchers for the study analyzed responses between 2009 and 2012 to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Socio-emotional problems are defined as, “moderate to severe emotional distress, increased relationship problems, or disruptions at school or work resulting from the victimization.” About 68 percent of victims rape, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault experienced socio-emotional problems, according to […]


BJS: Violent Crime Declined in 2013

The nation’s violent crime rate declined slightly last year after two years of increases, the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics said today in its annual victimization survey. That may signal a return to the nearly two-decade-long downward trend in violent crime before 2011. The victimization report is based on an annual scientific survey of Americans on whether they had been victimized in the previous year. The interviews included about 90,630 households and 160,040 persons last year. It differs […]


CDC: 1 in 5 American Women Experience Rape

Nearly 1 in 5 American women experience rape during their lifetime, according to an annual report from the Centers for Disease Control released Sept. 5. The report covers sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence using data from the 2011 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. “An estimated 19.3 percent of women and 1.7 percent of men have been raped during their lifetimes; an estimated 1.6 percent of women reported that they were raped in the 12 months preceding […]