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Does Racial Bias Criminalize Immigrants?

A forthcoming paper from NYU Law School’s Immigrant Rights Clinic claims modern US immigration policy is a legacy of the “racial animus” that has affected our immigration and criminal justice systems since the nation’s founding.


How Media ‘Tribalism’ Gives Americans Conflicting Views of Reality

When cable media blurs opinion and fact, even traditional journalism suffers, according to a panel of media observers. But the panel, convened by Criminal Justice Journalists to review 2017 justice coverage, also praised the coverage of sensitive issues in the face of pressure from police and the White House.

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Trump Border Wall Would Cost Nearly $18 Billion

The White House proposal, presented by the Department of Homeland Security to a group of senators, provides the most detail so far of Trump’s plans to build a “big, beautiful wall.” Part of a $33 bilion plan for border security, including technology, personnel, and roads, it would cover nearly half of the southwest border.

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