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Few Gang Members are Undocumented Immigrants: Report

While President Trump condemns illegal immigrants who come into the US as “gang members” and “criminals,” statistics show that only 0.09 percent of illegal immigrant detainees come from Central American gangs, according to AP. Instead, it’s often people fleeing gangs who are trying to get into the United States.

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The Immigration Crisis: Where Are the Children?

Thousands of Twitter users raised the question #WhereAreTheChildren? The viral hashtag sprang up in response to a now widely shared New York Times investigation that found the federal government had been unable to make contact with 1,475 unaccompanied minors awaiting deportation hearings.

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Federal Protection for Women Sliding Backwards, Experts Warn

Lynn Rosenthal and Bea Hanson, prominent players in the Obama White House, told a conference at John Jay College Tuesday they were worried that the upcoming reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act would not cover the programs needed to help women experiencing intimate partner violence.

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Will Court Sports Betting Decision Weaken Feds’ Fight Against Sanctuary Cities?

The Supreme Court ruling striking down a federal law that prohibits states from allowing betting on sports backs a robust reading of the Constitution’s 10th Amendment, which limits Washington’s power to force policies on the states—and it suggests the feds “can’t require state or local officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities,” according to the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro.