Prosecutors: Immigration Raids on Courthouses ‘Jeopardize’ Community Safety

Brooklyn, NY DA Eric Gonzalez, Seattle prosecutor Dan Satterberg and former Nassau County (NY) prosecutor Meg Reiss condemn recent ICE courthouse arrests, charging they “infringe the ability of local officials to protect the rights of  victims, witnesses and defendants” and threaten our democracy.

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The New ‘Entrepreneurs’ Behind Today’s Punitive Immigration Policies

“Crimmigration” has become a shorthand term for the increasing overlap of the nation’s criminal justice and immigration control systems in the Trump era. It’s time to reexamine our assumptions about what motivates the current zeal to punish immigrants, writes a criminologist at John Jay College.

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Living Under Joe Arpaio’s ‘Reign of Terror’

San Francisco DA George Gascón repeatedly clashed with Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he headed the Mesa, Ariz., police department.  In an exclusive interview co-published by TCR and WitnessLA, he calls on prosecutors and law enforcement officials around the country to “stand together” in defense of the Constitution following Trump’s controversial pardon.

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