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New Immigrants Less Likely to Report Violence: Study

In a landmark study, two researchers find evidence to support the assumption that language, cultural barriers, and wariness towards authorities make recent immigrants less likely to tell police when they have been victims of crime. 

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Immigrants Face High Levels of Fraud: Study

Just four percent of U.S. counties work with nonprofit organizations that provide legal aid services to immigrants, making it difficult to navigate the “bureaucratic labyrinth” involved in applying for green cards and social assistance, according to a Stanford University study. Meanwhile, noncitizens seeking legal help fall victim to scam artists who take advantage of their unfamiliarity with the complex immigration system.


America’s Real Gang Threat is Domestic, ICE Figures Prove

The Trump Administration’s official narrative that illegal immigrants pose a crime threat to the U.S. was undermined last week by figures released from Project New Dawn, ICE’s nationwide sweep of gang members. Nearly 70 percent of the more than 1,300 arrested were US citizens—and just 104 allegedly belonged to MS-13, the El-Salvador-based group that has been the focus of Washington rhetoric.