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A Kidnapping? No, Just ICE Agents ‘Doing Their Jobs’

A study by the Immigrant Defense Project finds that the federal agency strategically targets New York courthouses for undocumented immigrant arrests— a move it claims will have a chilling effect on immigrants’ willingness to collaborate with courts across the state.


Sanctuary-Style Program Improved Reporting of Crime: Dallas Study

Before the ‘sanctuary’ concept became widespread, a short-lived federal program suspended a requirement that police cooperate with immigration enforcement authorities. In one of the first studies of the program’s impact, a researcher found it made Hispanic residents of Dallas more likely to reach out to cops.

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Legal Battle Looms Over Long-Term Detention of Migrant Kids

The president’s new order, following his Wednesday decision to end the practice of separating children from parents at detention centers, instructs Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ask for court approval to “detain alien families together.” Immigrant advocates say that is not a good solution to the problem.

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