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Labor Trafficking: From Recruitment to Escape

Legal loopholes and lax enforcement help traffickers trap laborers in agriculture, domestic work, hotels, restaurants, and construction, according to a new study by the non-profit Urban Institute. The study tracks labor trafficking victims from recruitment through victimization and attempts to escape and get help, as well as through civil or criminal cases seeking justice for “crimes resembling slavery.” Researchers analyzed a sample of 122 closed labor trafficking victim service records from service providers in four US cities, and interviewed labor […]


Elections 2012: Grassroots Justice

While this week's presidential election, as measured by the popular vote, showed the nation was as divided along partisan lines as ever, voters in many states proved themselves willing to take a more pragmatic approach to once-divisive criminal justice issues. The majorities in favor of permitting medical use of marijuana—and in two states support for outright legalization—were examples. Another was the passage of California's Proposition 36, which revised the long-controversial “Three Strikes” policy—one of the thorniest legacies from the “tough […]


Cuff the Vote

On Nov. 6, voters in 17 states considered ballot measures and referendums that could shape the future of criminal justice policy in America. See map below. Among the hot-button issues voters decided are: the legalization of marijuana in Washington, Oregon and Colorado; decriminalization of assisted suicide in certain circumstances in Massachusetts; the abolition of the death penalty in California; and new abortion regulations in Montana. The Crime Report is tracking every criminal justice initiative, measure, amendment and question up for […]