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Campaign 2016 and Criminal Justice

Next year's presidential contest is now well underway. With Hillary Clinton, the acknowledged frontrunner for the Democrats, officially in the race, and a slew of contenders vying (or likely to vie) for the Republican nomination, across a spectrum ranging from Jeb Bush to Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, it's a good time to begin asking where each of them stand on the criminal justice challenges facing the country. In our system, most of the gritty justice […]


Outsourcing Homeland Security

Security for some of the county's largest urban transportation networks is provided by private companies under contract with local counties and municipalities. Although many of the private workers are former police or military personnel, they are required to take additional special training to enable them to respond to catastrophes and acts of terrorism. An investigation published last month by Inewsource at San Diego University's School of Journalism and Media Studies, however, suggests serious flaws in the level of training and […]