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How State Laws Criminalize People With HIV

Some 28 states require individuals to disclose HIV status to their sexual partners or face criminal penalties. Author Trevor Hoppe tells TCR that such laws are largely the result of fear and discrimination towards victims of diseases considered socially unacceptable–a punitive approach that he says continues today in the face of public health crises such as the opioid epidemic.


‘A Trifecta of Bad Outcomes’

When at-risk HIV individuals return home from jail or prison, how many continue their medical treatment? Some worrying findings of a multi-city pilot project suggest more work needs to be done.


Study Finds Most Homeless Women Suffer Violence

A study of homeless and unstably housed women in San Francisco found nearly two out of three have been the victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Researchers for the study, which is published last week in the American Journal of Public Health, surveyed 291 women who sleep in public places, shelters or who are displaced often. Violence screenings conducted by health care and social service agencies typically focus on domestic partners, but researchers wrote that this approach is faulty. […]


Study: Arrests of HIV-Positive Drug Users Increases Risks

Extrajudicial police arrests of HIV-positive drug users may contribute to increased risks of overdose and disease transmission among arrestees, according to a new study by researchers at Boston University and Russia's St. Petersburg Pavlov State University. Researchers for the study, which was published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society, surveyed 700 HIV-positive St. Petersburg residents, and focused on the 582 who reported injecting heroin at some point in their lives. Those who reported extrajudicial arrests for offenses such […]


Ex-Inmates and HIV: ‘Falling Into the Abyss’

When HIV-infected inmates are released from detention—where many of them got started on HIV treatment—they often leave with drugs to control that infectious disease and a plan for ongoing care. Whether—and for how long—that treatment continues remains a largely unanswered question.


Linking HIV-Positive Inmates to Care

A program that identified HIV-positive jail detainees was effective in linking people who are living with HIV with treatment following their detainment, a study published in the journal AIDS and Behavior found. In some cases the program even helped to lower patients' viral load, researchers reported. Researchers from Emory University studied a sample of 1,021 HIV-infected people identified at 10 sites by the federal Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care in Jail Settings Initiative. Of that sample, 79 percent received […]


Learning From The Streets

Like many of the youth in the hood, I grew up fast, exposed to the entire elements of the psychological aspects of the street life. The street activities had become the main source of my education. A university in a sense, that offered vocational trades to anyone who expressed the desire of participating. There wasn’t any prior level of education required and no institution to be paid, just one's own desire to learn the craft. I chose the course that […]