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Americans and Guns: Are the Politics Changing?

U.S. public opinion is shifting towards an acceptance of stricter gun regulations, according to Igor Volsky, founder of Guns Down America and author of a new book on the issue. In a conversation with TCR, Volsky offers a blueprint for taking advantage of the shift to go beyond what he calls merely “incremental” reforms.

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Gun Rights Leader Predicts ‘Civil War’ Over Bump Stock Ban

Don Spencer, Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association president, warns an ATF regulation published Friday mandating the surrender or destruction of bump stocks by March, 2019 raises the “possibility for civil war” by gun owners. The regulation is already facing legal challenges.

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Who Owned That Gun? Many Police Agencies No Longer Check

During the 1980s, gun tracing was in vogue, but thanks to changes in federal funding and regulations, many police agencies around the U.S. no longer bother. That can have deadly consequences, a newspaper investigation in South Carolina showed.

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Could ‘Red Flag’ Laws Reduce Gun Violence Among the Elderly?

A University of Arizona researcher argues that special protection orders allowing police or family members to remove access to guns from dangerously unstable individuals, now in place in 13 states, can reduce firearm deaths among the elderly, who are most at risk for committing suicide with a firearm.