Terri L. Weaver

Assistant Professor of Psychology Saint Louis University (314) 977.2198 Expertise: Intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, rape and battered women. Her specialties include analysis of the psychological and physical impact of traumatic events, especially family violence and sexual assault.


Roslyn Muraskin

Professor of Criminal Justice Director, Long Island Women's Institute C.W. Post/Long Island University Brookville, N.Y. (516) 299-3146 (work) or (631) 455-1039 (cell) Expertise: Gender and the law, sexual harassment, rape, stalking, domestic violence, women on death row, media issues. She is the author of It’s a Crime: Women and Justice.


U.S. Justice Department

Office on Violence Against Women Washington, D.C. (202) 307-6026 This office says its mission is “raising awareness and supporting training and services responding to incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.” It administers the federal STOP Violence Against Women grants program and a number of other grants whose focuses include native American domestic violence, enforcement of protection orders, rural victims, legal assistance for victims, campus sexual assault and abuse of older women.


National Sheriffs Association

Alexandria, Va. Christine Galbraith, domestic violence coordinator (800) 424-7827 This organization includes 3,000 elected sheriffs among its membership of 22,000. It has coordinators for a number of areas of special interest in law enforcement, including domestic violence.


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Denver Rita Smith, executive director (303) 839-1852 Founded 30 years ago, this group is based in Denver, with a public policy center in Washington. It focuses on forming coalitions, supporting community-based shelters for women and children, public education and policy and legislative initiatives. The group publishes an annual directory of shelters and safe homes, available for purchase through its website.


National Center for Victims of Crime

Washington, D.C. Liz Joyce, media coordinator (202) 467-8700 The center offers resources on teen dating violence, violence against women and stalking. It says it can offer the media expert analysis and interviews on those and other areas of intimate partner violence.


Family Violence Prevention Fund

San Francisco Lisa Lederer, media contact (202) 371-1999 For more than 20 years this group has focused on preventing violence against women and children and supporting its victims. It focuses on public policy and has separate programs on–among other things–violence against children, teens and immigrant women, as well as workplace violence. Its website includes a footnoted fact sheet on the issue.

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Domestic Violence Courts

This links to a backgrounder on Domestic Violence Courts, an innovation begun in New York in 1996. Some 300 of the specialized courts are now in operation across the nation.


Bureau of Justice Statistics

Washington, D.C. (202) 307-0765 This web page of the BJS, a bureau of the U.S. Department of Justice, includes links to a number of BJS reports, backgrounders and statistics on intimate partner violence, including victim and offender characteristics and trends. A 2006 BJS study concluded that intimate partner violence had declined 50 percent from 1993 to 2004. The author of the study was a BJS researcher, Shannan Catalano, (202) 616-3502 or