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Justice Reform, Women’s Rights Will Survive Current Politics, say Scholars

“If you can marshal enough facts ….things will change faster than they have in the last 15 to 20 years,” said leading criminologist Ronald Clarke. Women’s Rights scholar and activist Rashida Manjoo said it was a “time of opportunity and hope.” Both spoke on the eve of commencement ceremonies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where they received honorary degrees.

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Domestic Violence Soared Following Puerto Rico Hurricane

Almost six months after Hurricane Maria, residents are still suffering from the breakdown of an already-troubled justice system, aggravated by a police walkout and a rise in domestic violence calls, according to the latest episode of John Jay College’s “Criminal Justice Matters” program. Experts said the island’s problems serve as a warning for other communities where climate change increases the risk and frequency of weather catastrophes.

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The Abortion Fight at Ground Zero

A Federal Law was Supposed to Curb Disruption and Violence at Abortion Clinics: But Has It? DENVER– John Dunkle paces along a narrow alley waiting for his cue. As clinic escorts hoist heavy blue tarps to shield patients from the phalanx of anti-abortion protesters assailing them, Dunkle springs into action. Megaphone in hand, the spry 72-year-old stakes out the door barking lurid catcalls at women entering the Allentown Women’s Center.


What does the Future hold for Domestic Violence?

What does the future hold in store for domestic violence? October, the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month reminds us to reflect on the changes that have been made and keep striving towards our goals. People want to see an end to the use of violence as a means to control women and children, as a public health epidemic, and as a violation of human rights. Yet, domestic violence continues to plague households and communities across the country. One in four […]


Violence Against Women: Do the Homework

Misunderstanding of abuses like trafficking is still widespread, even among liberals, as a new book demonstrates. After three years of discussion, the United Nations General Assembly last month adopted a resolution to restructure gender institutions in the UN system. The UN Development Fund for Women was merged with the UN Division for the Advancement of Women, the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues, and the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women. UN Secretary-General Ban-ki […]


Gun Seller Nabbed In McNair Case, Rare Female Murder-Suicide

Federal authorities in Nashville were expected to announce today the arrest of a convicted felon in the sale of the gun used to kill famed NFL quarterback Steve McNair. The case was a murder suicide, one of only a few committed by a woman. Based on recent data from 17 states, female homicide-suicides account for only 8.6 percent of the total, criminologist Marieke Liem told Crime & Justice News. The Washington-based Violence Policy Center found in a survey of news […]


Why Do ‘Ordinary’ People Annihilate Their Families? considers an “unfathomable” crime: What makes seemingly ordinary people murder their families? Last month, Mark Meeks, 51 from Whitehall, Ohio killed his wife and two children after he lost his job. That case came just one week after Ervin and Ana Elizabeth Lupoe of Los Angeles committed suicide after killing their five children. The Lupoes wrote in their suicide note, “Why leave our children in someone else’s hands?…We have no job and five children under eight years with no […]


Homicides, Domestic Violence Rise In TX County

Rural Bexar County, Texas, recorded 21 homicides in 2008, nearly double the 11 the year before, reports the San Antonio Express-News. There were two other disturbing trends: The number of female victims rose from one in 2007 to nine, and the number of cases classified as capital murder went from one to eight. Capital cases, the only ones in Texas that can result in the death penalty, include slayings involving young children, multiple victims or a killing that occurs in […]