How the FBI Caught the Unabomber

On the 25th anniversary of the arrest of Ted Kazcynski, who eluded justice during a nearly two-decade string of bombings that terrified the nation, the three FBI agents who led the investigation have written a book with new details of the case. In a conversation with TCR, Donald Noel, one of the agents, draws some lessons for the pursuit of today’s high-tech criminals.

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FBI Director to Cops: Don’t Listen to ‘Armchair Critics’

Speaking at a convention of police chiefs in Orlando, Christopher Wray cited the opiate crisis, mass violence, terrorism and cyber threats as law enforcement priorities. And the leader of an agency that has faced oppressive attacks from Donald Trump pointedly said that law enforcers must “tune out the noise” emanating from critics.

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An ‘Independent’ FBI Would Threaten US Civil Liberties: Paper

Calls for greater independence of the FBI in the wake of concerns about the Trump investigation are misguided, says a University of Louisville law professor. He argues those who worry about presidential interference should support creating a separate federal crime agency while keeping its counterintelligence functions answerable to the president.

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Round 2: Were Trump’s Prints on Skinnier FBI Report?

FiveThirtyEight noticed that the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report, the first released under the Trump administration, was missing 70 percent of the data tables that were included in past editions. The feds fired back, alleging a “false narrative” and claiming that plans to “streamline” the report date to 2010. FiveThirtyEight’s data sleuths are not convinced.