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Drug Dealing Among US Youth Down 40%: Study

The spread of marijuana legalization may account for some of the decline, say the author of the study in the Addictive Behaviors journal. But they add more research is needed to understand the role that peer pressure and behavioral problems play in substance abuse disorders among young people.


Ohio Proposal to Cut Drug Penalties Set For Nov. Vote

Possessing or using a drug would become a misdemeanor offense, with a maximum punishment of 180 days and a $1,000 fine if the proposed amendment passes. The proposal was backed by a coalition of community, law enforcement, faith and business leaders who “want our state to invest in proven treatment for addiction instead of more spending on bloated prisons,” said campaign spokeswoman Amanda Hoyt.

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Report Urges Trump to Declare Opioid State of Emergency

The recommendation by the White House Commission headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would effectively nationalize a move already taking place in numerous states. Declarations by Florida, Arizona and Maryland have granted those governments access to millions of dollars and, in some cases, regulatory leeway in administering their responses. The White House said it would “immediately review” the report.