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Memo to the New Court: Let’s Avoid ‘Stupid’ Law

A former Supreme Court Justice once said, allegedly quoting Thurgood Marshall, that the Constitution doesn’t prohibit legislatures from enacting “stupid laws.” The only check on judicial ignorance or duplicity is engaged voters, says a commentator on drug issues.

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Congress OKs $1 Billion to Tackle America’s Drug Crisis

The 21st Century Cures Act approved yesterday contains provisions aimed at curbing the nation’s opioid epidemic including treatment programs and drug courts. It’s the second piece of legislation impacting criminal justice passed in the final days of this Congress.


Memo to Trump: Add Drug Courts to Your Anti-Crime Strategy

During the last campaign, Donald Trump promised to address drug addiction by expanding access to treatment and providing incentives for states to use drug courts and mandatory treatment programs. That’s one election promise he should fulfill.


‘When You Start Using, Your Mentality Stops’

A juvenile addict finally puts himself on the path to a healthy life. But it took 10 years—and pro-active probation officers to get there. A series by a Pennsylvania journalist explores the role of drug courts in helping others like him.


Science in the Courtroom

Can computer algorithms reduce America's prison population? Some of the country's top criminologists, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges gathered at New York University School of Law last week to examine new data-based tools and alternative programs aimed at helping judges with sentencing and pre-trial decisions. “It's about learning to use our prison resources for those we're afraid of, not for those we're mad at,” Michael Wolff, Dean of the Saint Louis University School of Law, told the Friday conference. Wolff, […]