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The ‘Deflection’ Surge: Key to Reducing Re-Arrests

Confronted with people clearly in need of treatment and social services, law enforcement officers need a way to respond, because they know they’ll see them again. A new approach gaining traction across the country offers “a public health approach to better public safety.”

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Congress OKs $1 Billion to Tackle America’s Drug Crisis

The 21st Century Cures Act approved yesterday contains provisions aimed at curbing the nation’s opioid epidemic including treatment programs and drug courts. It’s the second piece of legislation impacting criminal justice passed in the final days of this Congress.

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‘We Knew Something Bad Was Going to Happen to Him’

“You always look at yourself and say, 'Maybe that was me, or could have been me,’” one young man says in a video made by Youth Today posted earlier this week on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. The story blends the accounts of six teens and young adults remembering friends who died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse—and reflecting on their own struggles with addiction. “We would go on trips, we would fill up a full tank of gas […]